Tue Oct 17

Thomas Taylor Presents Third Tuesday Jams (A Learning session)

Tue, October 17
5:30PM / $5 - $10 | $1.59 - $1.83 Fees
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The Durham Jazz Workshop / Sharp 9 Gallery

4608 Industry Lane, Suite L
Durham, NC 27713

Thomas Taylor

Thomas Taylor 
Third Tuesday Jams (A Learning session)
At Sharp Nine Gallery

Horace Silver 10/17/23

**Goal of this session - Bring new and seasoned musicians together to learn.  Musicians must be able to play songs from the list provided.  This Jam session is designed to be educational as well as entertaining, therefore new songs must be required to play each month. This will challenge EVERY musician to learn new music from the history of "essential" jazz songs that people around the world know and play. Open to students, pro's as well as the general public interested in listening. 

The rhythm section for October is:

Austin Johnson- piano

Jason Foureman - bass

Thomas Taylor - drums

Horace Silver Playlist on Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/9-horace-silver-oct-23/pl.u-Ymb0g8RT4Pm1D

The List of Songs

Gregory is Here https://youtu.be/yttc-i_vA8I?si=zkcgEHbTI2fRSv3I

Home Cookin’ https://youtu.be/g8QkrctuqSc?si=z5pEdhLu1bZXTNwP Vocal version https://youtu.be/i0N6mW4fqJU?si=5LBdOzyW1z-rXLXv

Nutville https://youtu.be/sfL0b3CicyM?si=hZyWUinjGacZDK9k

Peace https://youtu.be/ieaAHwvqljg?si=dmp7W12LmlZhK5eA

Silver’s Serenade https://youtu.be/kM_iSD25C_8?si=3DTYy-hi9vjA8uTS

The Preacher https://youtu.be/GEvru0HLKJc?si=DoppdlYBWiz5FkKf

Sister Sadie https://youtu.be/SmO2pM20MrU?si=n8u0BQhIIxU8_LH9 Vocal version https://youtu.be/mfdmlGE0_Hk?si=BnLLQFTMtMKycYYj

Song for My Father https://youtu.be/CWeXOm49kE0?si=4BNldUeRFwzfjXo6 Vocal version https://youtu.be/otcHh-90eo4?si=Wdyyo8zwEDQWzSKJ

Nica’s Dream https://youtu.be/KDrxzKYdwsA?si=6WmlWpC_IsWt2reD Vocal version https://youtu.be/cEFHBKLsbxc?si=fifnyutz4aS6-Kch

Senor Blues https://youtu.be/yKWphXfIsxs?si=qquhFxSAroLaneyu Vocal version https://youtu.be/VvWyZfZNkS0?si=u7j_ozi1gbxrlhpU

Doodlin https://youtu.be/lQnxYseLmBo?si=ggyKR-VTrDMPOkre Vocal version https://youtu.be/gqUOl09kryg?si=ajLqRPqe2dpsIagc


Tue, October 17

5:30PM / $5 - $10 | $1.59 - $1.83 Fees
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