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Join our growing community of wine enthusiasts seeking to increase their knowledge and confidence in wine and wine appreciation through interactive events and unique access. After listening to many of your questions and interest to learn more, I have created the The Educated Grape Cluster. As a member of the The Educated Grape Cluster, you will enhance your level of wine enjoyment and education through greater access. For 20 years, I have committed to delivering wine education and appreciation events with great passion. Now, more than ever, I want to give you four more reasons to experience The Educated Grape at a greater level.


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$239 No longer available
Upcoming Events

Wed, August 19, 7:00 PM

Masterclass: Coravin Inventor Greg Lambrecht & Booker Winemaker Eric Jensen

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Thu, August 27, 7:00 PM

Southern Hemisphere's Perfect Wine Pairing...New Zealand and South Africa

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Group Virtual Wine Tastings

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Webinar: Remarkable Riesling... Old World vs New World

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Webinar: Spring Wine Enjoyment in One Region...Loire Valley

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Webinar: Jewels of the Mediterranean: Sicily & Greece

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Webinar: Why is Cab King?

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Webinar: Exploring Tuscany...Italy's Wine Paradise

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Webinar: Experience Chile & Argentina's New Identity

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Webinar: Explore Sonoma....California's Most Diverse & Exciting Wine Region

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Webinar: Exploring Spain...its Values and Collectables

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Webinar Membership

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Webinar: Northern Italy's Cool Climate Regions are What's Hot!

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