Sun May 22

Emerging Artists Showcase

Sun, May 22
7PM / Free
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Santa Cruz Baroque Festival

P.O. Box 482
Santa Cruz, CA 95061

Emerging Artists

Emerging Artist Showcase: Sunday, May 22, 2022 ~ 7:00pm ~ Holy Cross Church

Winners of our 20th annual Youth Chamber Music Competition.

Our 9th annual presentation features the top laureates of our Youth Chamber Music Competition. The 2022 winners will perform a variety of Baroque and Classical music, and receive their cash awards onstage.

We’re certain you’ll be amazed at the quality of our winners. Year after year, the winners of Santa Cruz Baroque Festival’s Youth Chamber Music far exceed the limited expectations some may hold. Simply put, young musicians can yet be astonishing performers. Guided in their interpretation by experienced coaches who are themselves wonderful musicians, they are capable of communicating musical ideas of the masters with great fluency, responsiveness, and grace. Combining the vigor and enthusiasm of youth and a spirit of healthy competition, the Showcase presents an afternoon of breathtaking performances. It is also a chance to support the festival and its efforts to uplift emerging artists.

Guaranteed to be memorable and inspiring! Admission FREE ($10 donation requested)

Sun, May 22

7PM / Free
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