Amor, Boleros & Jazz - Episode 1 (English)

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Viktorija Gecyte

Montreuil, France

Amor, Boleros & Jazz - Episode 1

Is there a story, any story, that is not a love story?

Is there a song, any song, that is not a love song?

This event is a concert with interludes of storytelling... or a story with interludes of music. A crossover performance where the traditional American jazz songbook meets folksy latin boleros, and screwball romantic comedy meets telenovela and cuenteros. The characters and events narrated are fictitious, or are they? This will be for you to judge.

Vik Gecyte is a Lithuanian jazz singer, Maria Andrea Parias is a Colombian soprano, Peter Giron is a New-York jazz bass player, Andrés Rojas is a Colombian guitar player, Andrés Hoyos-Gomez is a Colombian storyteller.

They all live in Paris, and the program is a reflection of how multiple cultures, languages and facets of life come together in the city of lights. Episode 1, to be continued... the following day, on Sunday, April 4!

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