Embassy Series Friends Donations

$50 - $5,000 | $2.50 Fees Off Sale
Embassy Series

PO Box 9871
Washington, DC 20016

Embassy Series Friends

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Your contributions and support of The Embassy Series makes an enormous impact in our ability to sustain the breadth of participating embassies, to provide a range of distinct musical programs, to help in advancing the careers of up and coming musicians and offer tickets at a price that enables all socioeconomic groups to attend our concerts. The generosity of our many patrons over the past fourteen years has allowed The Embassy Series to be where it is today. We thank you!

With your ongoing help we will continue to thrive and expand our outreach efforts in the local community in support of young artists. Plus you will receive many benefits, including priority seating, discounts, waived ticket handling fees for subscriptions and more.

Please note: In Order to donate in memory or in honor of an individual, please call 202.625.2361 or mail a check with a note designating the name of the individual to: Embassy Series, PO Box 9871, Washington, DC 20016.

$50 - $5,000 | $2.50 Fees Off Sale