Adrienne Haan


The Triad Theater - in collaboration with Carnegie Hall Festival's “The Rise and Fall of Weimar” - is proud to present

Adrienne Haan in
Between Fire & Ice - A Diabolical Weimar Berlin Kabarett

With MD Richard Danley on the piano

On November 9, 1918, the German Social Democrat Philipp Scheidemann proclaims the collapse of the German Empire from a balcony of the Reichstag building, declaring the first German Republic. The Weimar Constitution is signed on August 11, 1919 and promulgated on August 14.

It's a time of change. A time of challenge. A time of experiments. A time when traditions are going down the drain. The Great World War is lost, the Kaiser in exile. Germany experiments with a new form of government: The Weimar Republic is born and with it a nation longing for latitude.

Chanteuse Internationale Adrienne Haan, artist-in-residence at the Triad Theater NYC, explores the musical cabaret repertoire of that time with her virtuoso voice and great acting skills. Berlin; yes, that’s the wild, wicked, feverishly crazy metropolis of the short-lived republic between the two world wars (1919-1933). Its appeal is unique to this day, flaring up again and again in unbroken fascination. Dietrich, Hollaender, Tucholsky, Spoliansky, Weill and Brecht, Eisler, they all come alive again. Accompanied by her Music Director of 22 years, Richard Danley on the grand piano, she re-lives the bodacious epoch of the Roaring 20s. Berlin’s nightlife become vivid again. The ravishing songs, couplets and chansons are the liveliest testimony of this time: They capture everything - the passion and the melancholy, the addiction to life and lust, all the diabolically erotic stuff including the uncertainty of which gender belongs where until the rise of the Nazis in 1933 will close the curtain on Berlin’s “Golden Age” forever. 

Today, this soiree is an important warning that almost 100 years after the fall of the Weimar Republic, the world is once again facing the threats of the past.

The artist weaves the threads between feminist struggle and female glamor and takes the audience on an exciting musical journey through history.

This soirée is moderated and sung in English. To show the authenticity of the songs, the artist presents some of the original German lyrics in various places.

Approx Running Time: 85 minutes with no intermission.
Genre: International Music, Cabaret, Live Music, Storytelling

Please Note: the venue has a 2-beverage minimum per person.

“Adrienne Haan is an entertainer of the highest caliber!” (The New York Times)
“Haan is the First Lady of live entertainment.” (The Huffington Post)
“An entertainer who knows how to capture her audience.” (The New York Concert Review)
“Ms. Haan is possessing one of the most palatable voices on the scene.” (Broadway World)
“An exceptional song interpreter with a grand voice.” (Berliner Morgenpost)
“An enticingly warm voice. Passionate and dramatic.” (Le Monde)

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