Lee Squared

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Liberace and Miss Peggy Lee are venturing out into public after nearly a year of isolation and questionable food choices. The dynamic duo had just begun their World Tour when the planet went into lockdown. Zooming and live streaming became the fad they hoped would fade quickly. Both Liberace and Miss Lee have had their shots and are beside themselves to perform LIVE. In the spirit of PRIDE and Coming Out, Lee and Peggy are ecstatic to be “Coming Out of Covid!”

Running Time: 60 Minutes

Please Note: the venue has a 2-beverage minimum per person.

Triad Theater

158 West 72nd Street New York, NY 10023

  • (212) 362-2590
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  • The Theater is on the 2nd Floor above a restaurant called Seven Hill and located next to the Acker Merril Wines store.