Paul Austerlitz and ¬°Bass Clarinet Power!


Recorded on 4/2/22

Paul Austerlitz - bass clarinet
Todd Marcus - bass clarinet
Harry Appelman - piano
Blake Meister - bass
Eric Kennedy - drums

Dr. Paul Austerlitz is Professor of Africana Studies and Ethnomusicology at Gettysburg College.  As a composer, he specializes in blending jazz with music from Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and other countries where he has conducted ethnomusicological research, including the land of his birth, Finland.   As an instrumentalist, Dr. Austerlitz dedicates himself to mastering the bass clarinet.  The ¡Bass Clarinet Power! project pairs Austerlitz with fellow bass clarinetist Todd Marcus and a stellar rhythm section to demonstrate the extraordinary expressive potential of an underused but powerful instrument of reconstruction.

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