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Recorded on 2/26/22

Sasha Mikhlin, violin
Joan Singer, violin
Susanna Mendlow, cello
Ali Cook, bass
Emmanuel Trifilio, bandoneon
Julie Huang Tucker, piano

This is tango like you’ve never imagined it: Classical chops, jazz harmonies, and intimate arrangements written for the group by outstanding composers in Buenos Aires as well as by group members.‘Chamber tango’ is the result of this  musical alchemy, a middle ground that draws in lovers of both classical and non-classical music The repertoire of traditional and original tango compositions, performed by violins, cello, bass, piano, bandoneon and voice, has taken the group from the White House to Buenos Aires, from festivals in Europe and South America to school rooms in Appalachia.

QuinTango’s six classically-trained musicians have roots in the USA, Russia, Argentina and Taiwan. With intimacy and bravado these five women and their male bandoneon player redefine tango as chamber music, adding to their international community of fans with every performance.

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