Eric Williams Quintet

Recorded on 1/27/22

Eric Williams, trumpet 
Dave Mosko. trombone
Hannah Mayer, piano
William “Mobetta” Ledbetter, bass
Julian Berkowitz, drums

Eric Williams is a North Carolina native trumpet player, who now resides in the DMV. Eric has been playing music since the age of 2, and has never lost his passion for it. He started playing trumpet at 11, and since then has become a household name in many different cities across NC. In his senior year of highschool, he created a big band known as the Eastern NC Jazz Orchestra. This group performed in many different cities and was invited to perform at various jazz festivals. His professional career started in 2018 shortly after graduating high school. Since then, he has performed in various venues, jazz festivals, and multiple tours across the US. Now 21, Eric currently serves in the U.S. Army as a jazz trumpeter in the official touring big band, the Jazz Ambassadors.

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