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Recording of their concert on 3/12/22

Songs from the heart-mind! Introspective and humorous, Ari and the Buffalo Kings play original tunes inspired by Spanish guitar, classical flute, folksy three-part harmonies, and rhythms from around the globe. 

Ari and the Buffalo Kings is the singer-songwriter project of Baltimore artist Ari Pluznik, joined by flautist Danielle Williams, bassist Gabe Bustos, percussionist Jim Hannah, and featuring a rotating cadre of special guests, including accomplished cellist Samantha Flores and trumpeter Zach Silberschlag, among others. 

With lush sonic landscapes inspired by the sands and soils of the band's world travels,  Ari and the Buffalo Kings’ original music inspires a deep sense of compassion and equanimity and promotes the fearless experience of our every breath. Here, the deeply personal touches the universal. Get ready to laugh, cry, and maybe even open your third eye! 

Ari and the Buffalo Kings have performed throughout Baltimore, including on stage at Creative Alliance, in front of folk's homes as part of the Sidewalk Serenades series, and virtually with Mobtown Live! Pre-pandemic, Ari and the Buffalo Kings held regular performances at Bertha's Mussels and Zissimo's Bar. 

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon is a songwriter and performer with a unique talent. Hailing from Baltimore, with a voice that has charmed the country, his homespun style is reminiscent of great songwriters like Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, and Jeff Buckley. Harmon’s smooth and passionate vocals paired with his mature writing sensibility woos the audience, and even earned him a spot amongst the top six performers of the American Idol's 17th season. He is certainly an artist and performer you don’t want to miss! He performed on the An die Musik Live stage on Jan. 4, 2018.

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