Greg Hatza and Enayet Hossain


"Hand Talk" CD Release Concert recorded on 12/3/21

Greg Hatza is a maestro keyboard/piano player who is at the forefront of Jazz artistry.  He has many Jazz music releases and has performed throughout the world.  He learned Indian classical music for over 20 years and along with Enayet Hossain and their fusion Indo/Jazz group has released six studio albums and has also played to a sold out audience at [email protected] Lincoln Center in New York. This innovative approach to his own genre and his ability to present in different genres makes him one of the foremost musicians in the world today.

Enayet Hossain, an Indian classical percussionist has over 50 albums released and has accompanied all the legendary musicians of India.  His group Melodic Intersect with Greg Hatza has been reviewed heavily and has charted numerous times on Radio in the United States.  His versatility, whether it is in his own field of Indian classical or in the field of fusion music has been appreciated world-wide. 

Together, they present music that is deeply rooted in Jazz and Indian music and presents a very unique soundscape.

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