Jeff Cosgrove/Jeff Lederer/Mark Lysher


Recording of their performance on 11/5/21

Jeff Cosgrove - Drums
Jeff Lederer - Saxophone
Mark Lysher - Bass

Praised for his “open-time creativity and melodic sense” (Gapplegate Music Reviews), drummer Jeff Cosgrove has pursued a unique improvisational path with varied ensembles. Growing up in the Washington, D.C. area, Cosgrove developed a wide range of musical interests that continue to inform his output. He has worked extensively with blues and rock bands and singer-songwriters, While Cosgrove has ample experience playing beat-driven music with strict time, he is drawn toward abstraction in his own work, summoning colors and textures on the drum kit, listening deeply to his colleagues as the music flows and evolves.

Jeff Lederer is a saxophonist/woodwind performer/composer who has been included in the Downbeat Critics' and Readers' Polls each year since 2014. He leads ensembles including Shakers n' Bakers, Sunwatcher, Honey Ear Trio and Brooklyn Blowhards which received critical acclaim worldwide including a NY Times Profile.

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