Ian Trusheim Group

Recording of their performance on 8/31/21

Theljon Allen - trumpet
Elijah Jamal Balbed - tenor saxophone 
Grant Fisher - electric guitar   
Ian Trusheim - electric bass
Charles Wilson - drums

Ian Trusheim is an electric bassist, composer and instructor of music known for his versatility, adaptability and dedication to the art of music.

As a sideman, some of the musicians/groups he has recorded, toured or performed with include: Nick Waterhouse, Cory Henry, Adam Wakefield, Cris Jacobs, Lafayette Gilchrest and numerous regional acts in the Mid Atlantic area.

Ian Trusheim Group is a modern jazz group showcasing his original compositions,  eclectically combining elements of jazz, funk, soul, gospel, Latin American and folkloric music from across the globe.  Drawing inspiration from both his musical predecessors and contemporaries alike, Ian creates a unique path of his own.

Streaming cost is $10
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