The Bottom Rung


This is a recording of their live performance on March 27, 2021.

For the first time since the lockdown, local favorites The Bottom Rung came together to celebrate the songs of Fred Eaglesmith.  A true collaboration, each member is featured -- Baltimore's own stalwart of honest songwriting Caleb Stine, habitual sideman Nick Sjostrom, folk virtuosos Laura Wortman and Kagey Parrish of The Honey Dewdrops, and true southern gentleman Lance Price.

Each song is a new take on the Eaglesmith canon, brought to life with fresh instrumentation, meticulous vocal harmonies, and a big dose of curmudgeonly attitude.  Join us for a joyous night of scraping the rust off some songs that are bound to be classics.  And stick around for a toast to Kagey's birthday!

Streaming cost is $10
Donations are welcomed.

An die Musik Live!

409 N. Charles St. Baltimore, MD 21201

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