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**This is access to a recording of his live performance on our stage on Sept. 13, 2020.**

Adam Trice is an American writer, singer, and songwriter from the Baltimore, Maryland area who founded the band, Red Sammy.  His unique songwriting style blends rock, folk, country, and blues with thoughtful, deeply emotional lyrics that highlight a poetic sensibility. An die Musik welcomes Red Sammy as they release their eighth studio album, That Raging Heart. The album consists of lyric-driven tunes that live in the space between unrequited love and lonely heartbreak. 

During this virtual performance, Red Sammy will perform songs in various arrangements from duo presentation to a full rock band showcasing songs from the new album as well as tunes from previous albums. Musicians include Bruce Elliott (electric guitar), Greg Humphreys (bass and electric guitar), and David Pearl (drums).

“With an identifiable quality like Bob Dylan, Adam Trice has a style that is alive with nuanced emotion. Carving ideas out of each experience, a great songwriter takes each and uses it to his advantage.”

— Independent Clauses“Trice must be one of the most interesting of the lesser-known (certainly in the U.K) singer-songwriters, in fact I can’t work out if he is a largely talented poet who uses music to support poetry or if he is a singer-songwriter who has a powerfully poetic talent: hopefully that makes some kind of sense! …The lyrics are beautifully written, the melodies are real earworms, the playing and arrangements couldn’t really be better”— American Roots Music UK

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