Dong Xi (East-West)


**This is access to a recording of their live performance on our stage on Aug 15, 2020.**

Dong Xi is a new collaboration between world percussionist Tom Teasley and world-renowned Chinese dulcimer artist Chao Tian. Tom and Chao’s cultural backgrounds drive Dong Xi Music’s uniqueness, and their intellectual musical creativity produces a refreshing new chemistry. 

With the current trend of globalization between the U.S. and China, collaboration and communication need to be established in more than just the fields of politics and economics. Dong Xi provides cultural exchange via an improvised musical dialogue. Most performances between Chinese and American musicians are pre-arranged, but Dong Xi’s musical tête-à-tête is on-the-go, spontaneous, and intriguingly unknown. Such conversation is established and conducted through mutual respect and understanding of each other’s culture, with a goal to support, disseminate, and showcase each other’s cultural legacy. 

Streaming cost is $5
Donations are welcomed. 

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