Joel Santiago


**This is access to a recording of their live performance on our stage on April 30**

With its rich history and cultural blend, Haitian music has had a much greater influence on popular music than most realize. Popular Haitian music today draws from the island’s diverse African roots and international genres. The result is a distinctly Creole blend of fiery rhythms and sultry beats that are sexy and beautiful. Come move to the rhythms of Zouk, Kompa, as well as beautiful Boleros which are sensual and melodic ballads, some of which have been interpreted on the island for hundreds of years.

Haitian nationals Dominique Patrick Noel (drums) and Joseph "Fan Fan" Lewis (guitar)  are some of the local griots who keep the music of Haiti alive and on high in this region. Accompanied by Dejando Smith on bass and Joel Santiago on percussion, this group will not only explore the traditional music of the land but will also interpret many American jazz standards in the traditional Haitian styles. This is a one-time event you don't want to miss!

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