Clarence Ward III

**This is access to a recording of their live performance on our stage on May 7, 2020.**

Dat Feel Good Duets, featuring Clarence Ward and Aaron Hill

Clarence Ward III - Sax & Trumpet
Aaron Hill, piano

Baltimore’s own Saxophonist and trumpeter, Clarence H. Ward III, pours heart and complex emotion into every fiber of his sound. From the minute you hear the crisp, agile wail of his trumpet, or the playful sincerity of his sax you are frozen, caught in a snare of hope and honesty until he decides he has said his piece. Standing as a major influencer in the development of Baltimore’s present jazz sound, Ward’s lion heart positions him on the vanguard, reinforcing jazz music as a vital voice for these modern times. He’s truly the heart and soul of Baltimore’s music scene.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Aaron Hill is somewhat of a “chameleon musician” with a diverse mix breed of influences and musical experiences.  

After establishing himself as a Gospel-Jazz artist then birthing a new genre of spiritual music called “New Thought Jazz” Aaron would later have the vision to create “The Fruition Experience” which effectively brings together all of his past and present musical experiences ranging from Hip Hop, R&B, Neo Soul, Gospel, Classical, and Jazz along with the visual arts to create the ultimate visual and musical experience.

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