Lionel Lyles Quintet


Recording of their performance on 6/26/21

Lionel Lyles, saxophones
Mike Fitzhugh, trumpet/Flugel horn
Jordan Williams, piano
Delorean Fullington, bass
Allen Branch, drums

Lionel was born in Boulder, Colorado. He majored in music education while at Morgan State University and graduated in 2002. The Lionel Lyles  Quintet recorded its first studio project in 2006, “The Lionel Lyles Quintet:  The September Sessions”. Soon after, Lionel enrolled at North Carolina  Central University to pursue a Master of Music in Jazz Studies Saxophone  Performance and graduated in 2008. While at NCCU, he had the opportunity to study with great jazz icons such as Branford Marsalis, Joey Calderazzo,  Jimmy Heath, Roy Hargrove, Brian Horton, Robert Trowers and Dr. Ira Wiggins.  The ensemble has three albums to date. “The Lionel Lyles Quintet: The  September Sessions”(2006), “The Lionel Lyles Quintet: At The  Precipice”(2014), and “The Lionel Lyles Quintet: Simplistically Complex” 2019.  Pick up yours today. In 2015 Lionel won a JAZZY for best jazz tenor. In 2016, Lionel won best New Jazz Tenor player, and Best  Performing Artist across all genres in 2016. All given by the Washington City Paper.  

Lionel has always believed that a personal journey for knowledge is important. In and out of music. More so in every “walk of life”. It is by the acquisition of information that true power and love are achieved. The power of music lies within humanity as a whole and is one of the most beautiful ways to bring us all together. Through the music. “Positive Energy Activates Constant  Elevation”.

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