The Edmund Burke School Jazz Ensemble

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Burke places the intellectual, physical and creative lives of our students at the center of all our efforts. Our teachers know, respect and appreciate their students as individual, unique learners, and nurture their social and emotional well-being. Burke encourages students to engage actively in critical thinking and informed and open discussion. We are committed to developing their intrinsic motivation for lifelong learning.

Our faculty and staff inspire students by emphasizing the value of student ideas and the confidence that comes from overcoming challenges. We support the growth and development of our students’ skills, interests and abilities in a responsive teaching environment that fosters autonomy, curiosity, creativity, experimentation, discovery and collaboration.

We are committed to creating a safe, equitable and inclusive learning environment and to teaching in a ways that cultivate integrity, moral reasoning, and social responsibility. We help students become advocates for themselves and others. We provide students with developmentally appropriate opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills to make our community—and the wider world—a more just place.

Ultimately, we are here to teach every student to be a better human being.

Music is central to Burke’s lively community. All students actively participate in music, regardless of skill level. Our well-equipped band room offers access to a variety of instruments. We partner with nearby performing arts centers, including the Levine School of Music. In the classroom, students analyze the history and styles of music. This combination of course work and hands-on participation helps instill an appreciation of music in each student.

Blues Alley

1073 Wisconsin Ave. NW Washington, DC 20007

*Please note:
1. Final sale, no refunds, not transferable.
2. $12 food/beverage minimum per person not included in ticket price.
3. Seating first come at the door. Doors open at the earliest of 6 PM & 9:45 PM respectively.
4. Photography or Recording of any kind is prohibited during the performance.
5. Keep conversation to a minimum during the performance.