Feedel Band

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Feedel is a Washington DC based jazz jump band and performs as an Ethiopian-centric unit. Feedel applies Ethiopian pentatonic melodies to jazz and mixes those melodies into a simmering stew of musical genre, textures and feeling. The Feedel sound can be best described as an East African jazz meets 1960’s rhythm and blues with a little bit of funk and a whole lotta 6/8 drum beat or scales that together packs a musical wallop. The band has devoted its 20-year creative career into ever-evolving and an ever-inspiring multi-dimensional art form. The essence or roots of Ethiopian-jazz gathers inspiration from the Golden Age of Ethiopian popular music in the late 1960s and 70s.

The band is comprised of:

  • Araya Woldemichael( Keys)
  • Alemseged Kebede (Bass)
  • Moges Habte (Sax)
  • Ben Hall (Trombone)
  • Kenneth Joseph (Drums)

Over its two-decade lifetime Feedel has similarly supported Ethiopian artists as diverse as Tilahun Gessesse (The King of Ethiopian pop music), Mahmoud Ahmad and Aster Aweke.

Like the work of rural craftsmen, The feedel Band's music is hewn from the rough, then honed and smoothed and polished until it glistens.  The result is a wonderful sound that retains the essential freedom and spirit of Ethio-jazz but whose every note and phrase is purposefully, perfectly and lovingly laid down.

Blues Alley

1073 Wisconsin Ave. NW Washington, DC 20007

*Please note:
1. Final sale, no refunds, not transferable.
2. $12 food/beverage minimum per person not included in ticket price.
3. Seating first come at the door. Doors open at the earliest of 6 PM & 9:45 PM respectively.
4. Photography or Recording of any kind is prohibited during the performance.
5. Keep conversation to a minimum during the performance.