The JoGo Project

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*8 pm, $10 - Live Show

*10 pm, $5 - Access to Live Video

The JoGo Project a band in the Washington, DC area combining elements of jazz, funk, r&b, rock, even pop, and of course, Go-Go musics to create a fresh, healthy blend of styles that is sure to keep you on the dance floor! Founded by saxophonist Elijah Jamal Balbed in 2014, the goal of The JoGo Project is to unite cultures and communities, by introducing jazz fans to Go-Go and vice versa.

In the spirit of the Godfather of Go-Go, Chuck Brown, we want everybody to come together as one and experience the music and the vibes together. Chuck always spread love and positivity wherever he went, and we're dedicated to keeping that movement ALIVE!

Blues Alley

1073 Wisconsin Ave. NW Washington, DC 20007