Managers Special

WOW, this is going to be fun! Don't miss your chance to meet and hear these movers and shakers of our city with Shannon Forsell, Sue Wickliff & Kelley Milligan-Nichols. Join us for a touch of broadway, americana, jazz and soul.

Welcome the amazing Shannon Forsell, CEO of The Cabaret. Shannon is gifted in song and areas that have contributed a significant collective of worldwide artists to Indianapolis.

Sue Wickliff of Wickliff Consulting, LLC, is one of our city's most influential high-end estate merchandise businesses. Sue's love for music, creativeness, raw talent and hard work speak for themselves.

Kelley Milligan-Nichols can hold it down on the stage. Kelley can manage a legendary entertainment room and sing for it simultaneously.

The Jazz Kitchen

5377 N. College Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46220

  • 317-253-4900
  • Street parking available