MonoNeon is a bassist/musician from Memphis, TN and has been playing bass since teaching himself to play at the age of four! It was his eclectic artistry on the bass that first caught Prince's attention in 2014. His manager reached out to Mono and he ultimately began working at Paisley Park in 2015 as the bassist for Judith Hill, an artist Prince worked with during the last year of his life. In late 2015, Prince formed a new band with Mono, Kirk Johnson, Donna Grantis and Adrian Crutchfield. Mono and Prince performed a number of concerts at Paisley Park, and also recorded and released the track, "RUFF ENUFF." MonoNeon was the last bassist Prince hired before he passed away.

"A creative risk-taker in a modern music industry where so few exist - MonoNeon, Dywane Thomas Jr., or however you refer to him as - is an individual who is necessary because the game needs someone as intriguing, mysterious, and colorful as him. As an artist who has ridiculous chops, an endless supply of creativity, an honor and relatable philosophy that is as enriching as it is educational, MonoNeon is one of the most easily recognizable bassist playing today (and not just because of the bright colored clothing and sock on the guitar). The future of music and performance art needs a person like MonoNeon so originality and transformation can happen." - OKAYPLAYER

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