AshLee Baskin

Multi-genre. Multifaceted. Artist.

AshLee “PsyWrn Simone” (pronounced Sigh-ren Si-moan) Baskin is a vocalist, songwriter, lyricist, poet/spoken word artist, actress, and teaching artist from Indianapolis, IN. With “Psy” referring to the mind, “Wrn” referencing the wren songbird, and “Simone” being a callback to Nina Simone (the Soul); her name literally translates to “music for your mind and your soul”. Nina Simone's words, “You can't help it. An artist's to reflect the times,” serve as the guiding light regarding her work. While, Simone’s versatile vocal style spans many musical genres, her central artistic endeavor remains to uplift, inform, encourage, empower, and provoke change for the progress of Black People and/or highlight their musical contributions. Her performances are an engaging dialogue between her, her message, and the audience. She works hard to give the audience a performance they won't soon forget.

Fresh off a successful Art & Soul performance, where Simone was one of this year’s featured artists, “Black Thread: The Show” is a multi-sensory, multimedia celebration of Blackness! Based on a spoken word piece Simone penned by the same name, “Black Thread” is a timely, poignant commentary on the tragedies, triumphs, setbacks, perseverance and resilience experienced by people of color in this country. It incorporates song, dance, spoken word, and visual elements to explore the contributions of African Americans in this country throughout American history and challenges everyone to examine themselves and survey what their individual contribution to the collective progress will be. You do not want to miss this interactive live experience!

“Black Thread: The Show” features:

PsyWrn Simone (Vocals)

Kathy Baskin (Spoken Word)

Tenéh Karimu (Piano and Vocals)

Josiah McCruiston (Vocals)

Joshua Thompson (Piano)

C.J. Warfield (Keys)

Will Rob (Bass)

Matthew Dupree (Drums/Percussion)

Jarrett Weathers (Dance) 

The Jazz Kitchen

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