In the words of our clients..

InstantSeats has been a great product for the Carlyle Club. Our former reservation system was very limited in what it could do and would inevitably lead to frustration for our guests. InstantSeats has provided not only far superior customer service, they have customized our ticketing system so that our floor plan shows up when a guest purchases a ticket. This allows the guest to select exactly where they want to be seated in the venue, and they are able to see where the stage is relative to their selected table, where any columns are, etc. In addition, the guests are able to make a dinner reservation at the same time they purchase their tickets. I can’t tell you how many time we have heard from our guests how much they like this system. I also know that InstantSeats has been a tremendous benefit to the staff at the Club who seat the guests, as there is no longer any questions (or negotiation) as to where guests will be seated for the evening. Finally, any time that we or a guest has a question, the InstantSeats staff responds almost immediately. I have been in business over 20 years and have rarely experienced the kind of customer service that is consistently provided by InstantSeats. I would highly recommend InstantSeats to any venue that has the need or desire to be able to sell tickets online. Brennan Reilly, Carlyle Club in Alexandria, Virginia
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Thanks for your excellent customer service and your fast response time. The customers and I appreciate it! Julia Monaghan, Box Office Manager Clear Space Theatre Company
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InstantSeats is headed by Louis Scherr. We have been using his services for at least 10 years. Louis is totally honest and responds to your needs, even my bugging him. He strives to keep top-notch professionalism and is totally up front and very, very helpful. He strives to serve you well. I highly recommend him and you can expect personalized service from him to the nth degree. This judgment is based on years of dealing with him. He has my total trust. Jerome Barry Executive Director The Embassy Series
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Fast, friendly and dependable! InstantSeats is always available to help and is very responsive to our unique needs as a jazz club. We appreciate being tapped into their extensive network and enjoy our partnership for marketing events. Paige Brown Events Manager/Partner Bohemian Caverns
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